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Innocent Victims of Wars
By Olga Brajnović Posted in Dialog and diplomacy, Ethics, Ideals, Justice, Middle East, World and Politics on September 3, 2013 9 Comments
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If your day to day responsibilities were taken care of and you could throw yourself completely behind a cause, what would it be?

Peace. And because there is no peace, help innocent people suffering because of violence and wars. I’m deeply impressed by the news coming from Syria. They are talking of about 110.000 killed, more than 2 million refugees, more than 4.25 million internal displaced people and we don’t know about the disappeared, the wounded,  the traumatized children, the raped women, the hungry, and all the horrors people trapped in the fighting are living with. These are wounds almost impossible to heal. People will need help for a long time. And the war continues. Nobody knows for how long will last.

This is a cause without end because it seems humans find constantly excuses to go to war and fight all around the world instead to solve the differences talking and negotiating. And the International Community is unable to find ways to help solve conflicts through dialogue. The UN Security Council with its five  permanent members with veto power gets often stuck unable to decide a common way of action. Meanwhile conflicts and wars go on,  get more and more complex and difficult to solve, and the sufferings on the scenes of wars are unbearable. It’s important to help from the beginning and not wait until is too late. And also is important to continue helping people affected in many ways by the wars also when they are no longer the protagonists of the news. The forgotten victims of wars are the most in need of help. There are not enough hands.

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