Liberal Tony Abbott will be the new Australia’s Prime Minister after wining todays elections defeating Labors’ leader Kevin Rudd.

The Liberal-National coalition has returned to power after six years.

Abbott s a conservative who has promised a tough line on immigration and asylum-seekers. He defended the “turn back the boats” to try to reduce the number of asylum seekers who arrive each year to Australia.

The plan preview resurrect the former Howard government’s policy of instructing the navy to tow boats carrying asylum seekers back to Indonesia. But Indonesia said that will not accept the boats.

Thousands of asylum seekers try to reach Christmas Island from Indonesia by boat each year. Christmas Island is Australia’s closest territory to Indonesia. The crossing is dangerous in the frail or packed vessels used by smugglers and there have been shipwrecks with people killed, something like what happen with immigrants trying to reach Europe from Africa.

Abbott has promised to whorl for improve the economy and political stability in the country. “I give you this assurance. We will not let you down,” he said in his speech of acceptance.

“From today I declare Australia is under new management and is once more open for business,” Abbott said.

He said within three years, the carbon tax would be gone, the boats would be stopped, the budget would be back on track to a surplus and the “roads of the 21st century will finally be underway”.

Mr Abbott said he would govern for all Australians, including those who had voted for Labor.

“We will not leave anyone behind,” he said.

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