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Egypt, again
By Olga Brajnović Posted in Africa, Middle East, World and Politics on October 7, 2013 0 Comments
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At least 53 people were killed during demonstrations of the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 40th anniversary of Egypt’s war with Israel in Cairo and across the country on Sunday, a health ministry official said.

The health official added that at least 271 people were injured during the clashes. Security forces arrested 423 people on account of being involved in “riots”, saying they instigated clashes in different parts of Cairo and Giza where gunfire and rubber bullets were used.

Thousands of supporters of deposed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi marched across Egypt on Sunday. Also thousands of supporters of the military answered the call of the interim president Adly Mansour who asked “all Egyptians to hit the streets on Sunday to gather in squares across the nation in celebration of the anniversary of the 6 October war against Israel, and to support the Egyptian army”. The pro-government demonstrators gathered in the Tahrir Square in Cairo. The anti military protesters tried to reach the square but were stopped by officers and armed civilians and the main clashes happened.

The Government has not yet control over the Muslim Brotherhood followers despite jailing of their leaders, the ban of their activities the seizure of their assets and the violent reaction to all their demonstrations and the high death toll among the demonstrators since the beginning of the crackdown. Meanwhile the country is in a state of emergency no one can predict for how long.

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