The US politician’s inability to end the Government shutdown is projecting a sad image of the Country abroad. It’s like witnessing a powerful person who has almost everything in a verge of lose everything by performing a fatal hara-kiri with no reason.

Only because there are no way to negotiate the federal budget over the so-called Obamacare health law they are risking an economic crisis at home and a turmoil abroad.

The US has already a bad reputation in public opinion abroad because of his foreign politics, the way is conducting its war on terrorism, with drone attacks, surveillance programs like the ones denounced by Edward Snowden, or military operations in third countries to arrest terrorists like the last one in Libya.

Now it’s showing its ugliest face in internal politics to the world. In a Country proud of having things working efficiently there is a shutdown of the government services, government workers are at home without work and pay, services are not working, and people are angry with the situation. And if they don’t find an agreement before October 17 to lift the federal debt ceiling they can provoke not only a recession in its own economy but a world-wide turmoil in the markets.

Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, warned on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that a failure by the United States to make scheduled payments to investors “would mean massive disruption the world over. And we would be at risk of tipping yet again into a recession.”

And all this over a partisan fight that could be solved in less dramatic and expensive terms for the economy in times of crisis when all that’s lost so easily is so difficult to recover. Very difficult to understand from outside the US.

Even if they reach an agreement at the last moment the damage is already done.

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