French President Hollande called US president Obama over the NSA spying French citizens after Le Monde published a report about that. But the  Le Monde also said that the French Government already knew about the US practices and that the French DGSE is doing exactly the same on its own citizens.

They have to stage their indignation in front of an audience tired of all this and hide the domestic spying programs from the public attention. It would be strange that the french spy agencies after all this time only knew about the US surveillance on its citizens by the press, when everybody already knows that the US programs collected data mostly from foreign citizens.

Spying is secretive by definition and would be naïf to think that the press would know about it first than the Governments that have their spy agencies working.

We don’t know if the secret knowledge of this practices lead to a secret show of indignation, but what we know is that there has been no a public reaction until the whole thing was not in the papers. A show for an audience that needs answers and only have small doses of a big disturbing story in which there are more actors than they are telling us.

One thing is sure, the world of modern communication is not safe. Eavesdropping and collecting data from the Internet is easy for the spy agencies and they are doing it. So we have to count on it while using the new technologies. The right of privacy is something to fight for, but very far away from being a real achievement. The possibilities to intercept communications are too tempting to the governments. Big Brothers of all signs are around, not only the US one. Only the US program is huge and it has Snowden revealing data about it to the press.



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