November 29, 2013

Citizen Berlusconi

After 20 years dominating the Italian politics the ex Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been expelled from the senate in a humiliating way over his conviction for tax fraud related to his Mediaset media empire. He has lost his immunity and could face charges in other cases and scandals that have reached the Italian courts.

This was a serious blow to the Italian politician and tycoon and his considerable ego. But he remains defiant and said he will continue in politics outside the senate leading his political party Forza Italia. And he has a lot of power with his media empire in his hands to do it. He’s still a very powerful man.

He always said he is victim of an unjust prosecution by the judges. He was able to avoid them with his powerful lawyer’s team and his immunity until now.  But without the immunity he is back citizen Berlusconi, equal to others before the law in everything but the money he has to pay lawyers. So let’s see what will happen with the courts and what repercussions that will have in his popularity. Italian politics are unpredictable. The only sure thing right now is that after 20 years, Berlusconi is out of possibilities of being in the Government.



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  1. I am not an expert, but Italy is just next door and we watch the capers of Berlusconi from afar. I have often wondered how such a character can be put in charge of a country, but he had the publicity he wanted and the financial means. Mr. Mass Media personally and as far as his bunga bunga antics are concerned, are there really so many stupid girls around or does he have something I have not yet noticed? Goodbye and good riddance to Mr. Berlusconi and all his cronies. Let us hope that Italy becomes a better place without such a joke figure as he is.

  2. He has money for the girls. I also hope Italy becomes a better place without Berlusconi and I hope justice will be finally served

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