Saudis expel 100,000 illegal Ethiopians. Ethiopia foreign ministry announces up to 50,000 more citizens to return after crackdown on illegal immigrants – Al Jazeera.

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  1. One of my friend in Saudi Arab is also worried about this same matter. They are working there for years but now they feel insecure.

  2. it seems immigrants are insecure everywhere nowadays but this has been a big crackdown

  3. In my opinion, may be you will agree also. This is a serious issue in many ways. It disturbed the families related to those men working in Saudi Arabia since years. They have spend their whole life working for saudis, building it up , all the technical and mechanical staff is mostly Non-Saudi. Their are so many professionals working there, and all of the sudden , there is NO need for them. As they are Kharjee and they will remain Kharjee.

    The another issue that personally hurts me is , they do not even do anything for Muslims all over the world. Saudia is one the strongest Muslim country but their voice is always low for all causes.

    Even Non-Muslims raise much voice for certain issues as compare to Saudi.

  4. I agree

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