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1DM48399, a photo by Guillaume Briquet on Flickr.

The Ukrainian crisis has reached a new dimension with the last burst of violence. A hundred deaths, people killed by police using live ammunition, protesters parading policemen taken as a hostages, riots in several cities other than Kiev… a situation that is sliding to a total chaos. Now president Yanukovych is making concessions to the opposition after losing support because of the violence and after negotiations with the opposition and the Foreign ministers of Poland, France and Germany, representing the EU. He promised to hold presidential elections early, form a national unity government and make constitutional changes reducing presidential powers. Something the opposition was asking for long time ago. But after all what happened this may be too late for him. Once the violence is out there is difficult to stop it. And the protesters want him out of power and taking responsibilities for what happened.There is another problem: what will Russia say to all this? The Kremlin is against the EU mediation and Putin can put pressure on Ukraine thru the control of the Gas pipeline and denying the bailout negotiated after Yanukovych failed to sign the agreement with the EU and provoked the protests. And the other question is how will react the pro Russian population.

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