The advance of terrorists and armed groups as the ISIL in Anbar province that have left more than 66,000 families displaced, and the proximity of the Syrian war are contributing to the Iraq’s instability, according to a UN senior official who informed to the Security Council on Thursday about the situation.

Turkish court orders halt to Twitter ban. Access to Twitter is expected to be restored within hours after court lifts last week’s controversial ban – Al Jazeera.

The criminal court in Minya, Egypt sentenced 529 people to death, possibly the largest mass death sentence in recent years anywhere, in a trial lacking basic due process protections, said Human Rights Watch in a press release.

“Repent. You still have time so as not to end up in hell.” said Pope Francis referring to the men and women currently involved in the mafia. It was during a prayer vigil with the families whose loved ones were killed by mafia violence.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has gone further in his way against freedom of speech in the social media by turning off Twitter a few days before the elections apparently because some users published claims of corruption against him. But this is not the only conflict he has with the social and convencional media.

Six days after the referendum Putin has signed the act of annexation of Crimea and added to the territory of the Russian Federation the new administrative region and the port city of Sevastopol. As it was predictable Russia annexed Crimea quickly without too much effective opposition on the part of the international community apart from some bearable sanctions and speeches of condemnation.

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