Only two weeks ago Russia was saying thru his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Ukrainian people have to decide their future by themselves and warned the EU against creating a sphere of influence over there. When Ukrainian president Yanukovych fled Kiev and was ousted by the parliament, the actual intentions of Moscow became evident. They were not so interested in what the Ukrainian people would decide. The Kremlin didn’t want to lose it’s sphere of influence under any circumstances. And didn’t mind the use of force to achieve that goal. Now Russian troops have taking positions in Crimea and Russian President Putin has permission from his parliament to use his military in the territory of Ukraine, creating a big regional crisis in the East of Europe.

Ukraine has taken the Russian move as a declaration of war but they have nothing to do against the mighty Russian military. Without external help they only can wait and see if the Russian troops will stay in Crimea threatening the territorial integrity of the country or will move deeper into the Ukrainian territory which would the beginning of an invasion of the whole Country to try to overthrow the new authorities and the beginning of a bloodbath.

Russia has gained the support of China in this conflict. So we have again the classic division in the UN Security Council among the veto holding permanent members. China and Russia in one side and the US, the UK and France in the other side. Nothing to do from there.

The OTAN, the US and other western countries are trying to put pressure on Moscow, but mildly and Putin has shown determination.  Once he had deployed the troops there is no way back. What’s more, Russia is stepping up and has started a build-up of armoured vehicles on its side of the border with Crimea and Russian forces had blocked mobile telephone services in some parts of the region. Putin is acting as if Crimea was a Russian territory. According to his foreign minister Sergei Lavrov they are protecting the Russian speaking citizens and the Naval Base of Sevastopol. Now let’s see how he will act respect to the rest of Ukraine where there are also Russian speaking citizens but no military bases.

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  1. What in the name of all the gods does China think it’s doing??? – what is its rationale? Is there any possibility of this ending with Ukraine’s being divided along ethnic lines so that the western half remains and the half systematically filled with Russians goes back to Russia? Why does Putin risk war? Why do I ask such useless questions…? :-\

  2. Because they are important questions. I don’t have answers. I’m only observing. A new war in Europe would be a disaster.

  3. Oh, I know,Olga – they’re really rhetorical, my questions …

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