“Repent. You still have time so as not to end up in hell.” said Pope Francis referring to the men and women currently involved in the mafia. It was during a prayer vigil with the families whose loved ones were killed by mafia violence.

“I feel that I cannot conclude without saying a word to… the protagonists who are absent today — the men and women Mafiosi“, he said, according to Radio Vaticana
“Please change your lives, repent, stop perpetrating evil,” he added.

“And we pray for you. I ask this on my knees. It is for your good,” he entreated.“This life that you live now will not give us pleasure; it will not give us joy. It will not give you happiness. The power and money that you have now from many dirty dealings, from many mafia crimes – blood money, power gained with blood – you cannot bring them with you to the next life,” the Pope continued.

“Repent. You still have time so as not to end up in hell. And that is what is waiting for you if you continue on this path,” he said. “You have a father and a mother. Think of them. Cry a little and repent.”

Before this, the Pope had listened quietly, his head hung low, his hands clasped in prayer, as the 842 names of victims of mafia violence, including 80 children, were read one by one, informs Radio Vaticana.

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  1. Grateful for your updates. The stories you focus on do not always get to be on the news.

  2. Thank you. I can’t comment all the news so I pick the stories I find more interesting.

  3. I can’t ‘like’ it, Olga: I am so utterly cynical about everything emanating from Rome. In fact, I find it almost amusing that the Pope would take the time to address such remarks to the various mafiosi (Cosa Nostra, ‘ndrangheta, Sacra Corona, etc.), who could be guaranteed to neither know nor care that he had done so.

  4. I understand you, Margaret. I already have been reading about those horrible murders. But I think that the Pope has the right to say what he thinks about it. And for a lot of people is important to hear it. I hope you’ll find other posts more likable 🙂

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