The lack of fund donations has forced the UN to reduce the size of food parcels distributed among the hungry Syrians affected by the war.

The High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres, said that the UNCHR needs over US$ 1.6 billion to fully fund our operations in response to the Syria crisis. It is currently 22 per cent funded.

“I reiterate my appeal to governments and parliaments to urgently approve extraordinary funding to help the victims of the Syria crisis. We must collectively ensure that the most basic needs of the Syrian people are met and that the stability of the region is preserved,” Mr. Guterres said.

Syria tops the world list for those forcibly displaced, with over 2.6 million Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries and more than 6.5 million displaced inside the country. As the situation continues to worsen, the numbers of people in need continues to grow.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) provided assistance to a record 4 million people in Syria last month but a special report published today highlights how a potential drought would strain the country’s already fragile food security situation.

“As conflict affects the most productive agricultural sector, low agricultural production levels will become a permanent feature,” the report says. ‘The situation will not change while conflict lasts and its resolution will take considerable time if and when peace is restored to Syria.”

WFP works with 28 different partners in all 14 governorates in Syria. In recent few weeks, mainly as a result of locally negotiated ceasefires, WFP has succeeded in reaching all 14 Syrian governorates for the first time in six months, although many areas within governorates remain inaccessible as the conflict continues. In addition, WFP provides food and vouchers on a monthly basis for 1.5 million Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries, informs in a press release.

In a special report, WFP explains that urgently requires US$306 million to support 4.25 million people in Syria and 2.68 million people in the neighbouring countries for the next three months (April – June 2014). Of these, US$125 million are required to support operations in Syria, while US$181 million are required for operations in the region. In the absence of immediately forthcoming contributions, WFP’s ability to provide food assistance to those in need will be severely affected. A total of US$1.26 billion are required to support operations until the end of the year.


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  1. I think in regard to ordinary people the problem is twofold:
    (1) they are unsure of who really are the goodies and who are the baddies;
    (2) the size of the Syrian problem is growing exponentially, so they feel that donations are virtually useless
    As for governments … they probably don’t see they have anything to gain.

  2. I suppose you’re right

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