In a White Book on Ukraine, the Kremlin accuses the US and the EU of having actively supported ultranationalistic and neonazi forces that, according to the book, are now ruling Kiev after what it defines as an unlawful coup d’etat. The document warns that the situation “may erupt into a serious threat to regional peace and security and lead to further escalation of international and interethnic contradictions and conflicts in Ukraine and Europe in general.”

The document is focused in the violence committed by the pro Kiev demonstrators. The pro-Russian appear only as victims. It accuses directly to the US State Department of being involved in the financing of the pro Kiev protesters. Also considers an “interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state” the visits of leaders from western countries to support the Maidan demonstrators in Kiev before Yanukovich was toppled, but says nothing about the Crimean annexation by the Russian Federation.

It concludes that “in all of Ukraine’s regions, but especially in the southeastern part of the country, Ukrainian radical nationalists, instructed by the de facto authorities in Kiev and their external patrons (in reference to the US and the EU) are ramping up the pressure on Russian-speaking citizens who do not want to lose the centuries-old ties that bind them to Russia and Russian culture”.

Right now Kiev has not effective control over the south-east of Ukraine with several cities controlled by the pro-Russian authorities elected or self-appointed and with the army trying to regain control without success. Today there have been clashes with an unspecified number of people killed in Slaviansk while Kiev is sending special forces to Odessa, scene of the worst burst of violence in the last days.

The situation is deteriorating fast.

After the open accusations against the US and the EU contained in the document the possibilities for a constructive dialog are remote.

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  1. They never existed, Olga – we all know it. Just like we all recognise that everything in the White Paper you mention is what Russia has done lightly disguised as what Ukraine has done.

  2. but without dialog the only alternative is the war…

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