After the referendum for a self-rule the leaders of the Ukrainian region of Donetsk have appealed to Moscow to consider the absorption of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk in the Russian Federation. Meanwhile, the leaders of Luhansk, the other region that held a referendum last Sunday, were considering organise another referendum to join the Russian Federation. But they are not Crimea and Putin has recommended dialogue between the regions and Kiev.

In both regions their leaders consider their territory as independent people’s republics and the Ukrainian military and police occupying forces.

In Moscow deputies of the Duma said that the rest of the regions of Ukraine must take the example of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Before the appeals to join the Russian Federation, the Kremlin had said that respects “the will of the people in Ukraine’s southeast” and urged the regime in Kiev to do the same. But Kiev considers the vote “a farce” and plans to hold a presidential elections on may 25th. Something that obviously will not happen in Donetsk and Luhansk.

So the division in Ukraine is growing deeper and more difficult to solve.

The answer is not in the weapons. The events of the past days have been clear showing it. People are dying and nothing is accomplished. On the other hand nobody seems to have the will to talk and negotiate.

Putin have called the chairman of the OSCE Didier Burkhalter and according to the Kremlin, “both sides noted the importance of intensifying OSCE efforts to settle the crisis, particularly by establishing direct dialogue between the authorities in Kiev and representatives from the southeast regions of Ukraine”.

But this direct dialogue it seems impossible at this stage of the situation. there was not dialogue in the past. An absolute mistrust and a policy of fait accompli. In the last Geneva talks on Ukraine Russia was the voice of the rebels. They were not directly represented.

And now, when the situation has reached a point were they are talking about another secession, beyond Crimea, Putin wants the OSCE as a mediator and the rebels directly represented. It is difficult to imagine both sides Kiev and the rebels sitting at a table and negotiating to don’t break the country in two. It’s too late. The country is already torn up

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  1. Olga, could you post, please, the staged emergence of (The) Ukraine from the USSR and whether there is any justification in the Russian lovers’ claims ?

  2. I’ll try

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