A pregnant woman has been sentenced to death by hanging in Sudan for “apostasy” because she refused to recant her Christian religion. She was also sentenced to 100 lashes for “adultery”, because she’s married with a Christian man, a marriage the Court doesn’t recognise.

Meriam Yahya Ibrahim is eight months pregnant and the mother of a 20 months old child who is in detention with her.

A daughter of a muslim father and a Christian mother, was abandoned by her father and raised as a Christian by her mother. But according to the strict interpretation of the Sharia applied by Sudanese President Omar Bashir, children must follow their father’s religion. So for them she’s a muslim and by saying that is a Christian commits apostasy. She says she has always been a Christian and didn’t commit apostasy nor adultery, because she’s married.

Amnesty International has denounced the sentence as “abhorrent”. The organisation “believes that Meriam is a prisoner of conscience, convicted solely because of her religious beliefs and identity, and must be released immediately and unconditionally. The right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, which includes the freedom to hold beliefs, is far-reaching and profound; it encompasses freedom of thought on all matters, personal conviction and the commitment to religion or belief.”

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  1. I think the disgusting crime that this disgusting country intends to commit says all anyone needs to know about sharia law and its adherents. No country that claims to be free should EVER deal with ‘governments’ like this.

  2. What can I say? The facts say everything. You’re right about the government. Although I wouldn’t say a “disgusting” country. It’s an extremely poor country that has to suffer a corrupt and fundamentalist Government where people suffer a lot: hunger, violence, slavery, lack of human rights. These people need help. But you cannot help the rulers responsible of such crimes. It’s a huge problem.

  3. You’re correct to correct me ! – I tend to identify countries with the governments of the day. And how stupid is that ?! – VERY. Sorry, Olga …

  4. The wise are ready to rectify! No need to apologize. For me is a pleasure to count on your always interesting comments.

  5. … if less than tolerant … 😐

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