More than 162,000 people have died in the Syrian war, according to the Syrian Observatory of Human rights. Up to 80,836 were civilians including 8,607 children and 5,586 women. They have counted 2,891 unidentified casualties (documented by pictures and footages) and the rest are fighters and soldiers.

A worrisome data is the high number of non-Syrian who are fighting there. The organisation documented at least 15,191 dead among them. A figure they estimate it has to be much higher “due to the extreme discretion by all sides on the human losses caused by the conflict and due to the difficulty of communication in Syria”. In fact, they estimate that the real number of casualties of the non-Syrian Fighters, the rebel groups, the regular forces and pro-regimen militias all combined is approximately 70,000 more than the documented number.

The UN stopped counting the casualties of the war several months ago at 100,000. They say that the situation on the ground makes impossible for their agencies verify the data.

The war continues and there is no end in sight. In the middle of all this violence Syrian president Bashar Al Assad called presidential elections for 3 June. The elections only would take place in the areas controlled by the government, and although there are three candidates Al Assad will win easily according to the analysts.

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