The billionaire businessman and pro-European politician Petro Poroshenko, was elected president of Ukraine in the first round. He has been minister of foreign affairs with president Viktor Yushchenko and also minister of Economic Development and Trade with the recently deposed Viktor Yanukovich. He is known as the Chocolate King because he owns the biggest industry of the sector in Ukraine but he also owns other business including a shipyard and a Television channel.

He said that after the election he will sell all his assets except the television channel. “Channel 5 will not be sold. The role the free press played during the Orange Revolution and during our revolution on the Maidan is extremely important,” he told at a press conference in Kiev on Monday.

“My first presidential trip will be to Donbass,” Poroshenko said in reference to the Eastern region of Ukraine. He added that his first “decisive step will be aimed at ending the war, ending chaos, and bringing peace to a united and free Ukraine.”

He doesn’t recognise the Crimean referendum, the annexation to Russia or the referendums that leaded to the self-proclaiming of Donetsk and Luhansk as “independent people’s republics”

“I am certain that our decisive actions will bring fairly quick results,” he said. “There will be a sharp increase in the efficiency of anti-terrorist operations. They won’t last two or three months; they’ll last a few hours.”

He also expressed his will to meet with the Russian president Vladimir Putin. “We cannot discuss the seriousness of security in our region without the participation of Russia. We will find the format and definitely will meet Putin.” But his remarks about the “anti- terrorist operation” have been badly received in Moscow. According to Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov maintain the military operations against the pro-Russians in the East would be a “colossal mistake”.

Nevertheless Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the Kremlin is “ready for dialogue with Kiev representatives, ready for dialogue with Petro Poroshenko. I only want his declared readiness for dialogue to have no preconditions, like, for example, he previously mentioned he will be ready for dialogue under the mediation of the European Union and the United States.” He added.










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  1. One can only hope, Olga …

  2. Let’s see. I hope we will not have another Berlusconi in Europe and above all in a country on the edge of a war. This man seems more serious than the italian tycoon, but is not free of suspicions of corruption. He is not in charge yet, but at this moment the violence in the Donetsk airport is ravaging. The rebels are talking of almost 100 deaths. At least this is what the Russian news agencies are saying. I’m not very optimistic.

  3. Nor I, in truth … which is why hope is the only thing we have. As for hard reality …

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