Syrians in the areas controlled by the Government are voting today to elect a president in a election that surely will win Bashar Al Assad. Millions of refugees, internal displaced people and people in rebel areas will not take part on the vote. Al Assad has been criticised for calling an election with the country torn by a fierce war in progress.

His move has been seen as a way to fortify his position among his followers after three years of combats precisely when his forces are making important progress in the field against the rebels gaining key strongholds in the border with Lebanon and recapturing the center of the city of Homs.

At the end of the day he will have a good picture of the support he has among his followers in the area he controls but not a complete political map of Syria. Sadly, the map of Syria is defined by the front lines and its demography, by the forced displacement of millions of civilians.

So the elections won’t change too much the situation unless Al Assad loses a lot of support. He never before had been in an election with other candidates, only a referendum he won with 97% of the votes.

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  1. But western democracy didn’t help to make real elections. Because they knew that results won’t be in favor of rebels. Don’t forget that the religion of Mr Assad is a minority in Syria but most of the syrian are sick of that civil war supported by sunnite dictatorship against shiism and jafarism. For them, Assad is not their leader but do they have an alternative ? Of course, Assad will have a strong victory to show that syrian people are behind him. Western diplomacy should use that to install a new dialogue …. no to sell weapons.

  2. A new dialogue would be the best outcome of all this but I’m not optimistic. There is no will.

  3. This ENDLESS damned search for personal power !
    Hell must be a place filled with people like Assad (and millions of others) all arguing about who’s the most powerful …

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