The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is back to its worst days, with the Israeli army on the verge to a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip after nights of aerial bombings that have caused at least 75 deaths and Hamas launching rockets against Israeli territory from Gaza.

All the efforts for peace have been broken. The killing of three Jewish students after they were abducted three weeks ago and the kidnapping and killing of a Palestinian teenager in Jerusalem last week in an apparent revenge started this dangerous escalation. We have seen this before. Hamas will continue to launch its rockets, Israel will show it’s military superiority and will be a lot of civilian casualties among the Palestinians packed in the crowded Gaza cities. Let’s hope this escalation will not suppose a come back to the terrorism. In any case this is a big step back and very bad news for all who have had hope in a peaceful solution to the conflict.

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  1. Frankly, Olga, anyone hoping for a peaceful solution was someone living in fairyland. There will NEVER be a peaceful solution.

  2. Never? I don’t think people can be at war for ever. Some day they must find a solution. When? Probably not in my lifetime.

  3. I don’t know … when it comes to inter-tribal war … and that’s what this is.

  4. Maybe you’re right, but I prefer to give a chance to hope.

  5. I think that peace is conditioned by history. In this study we can to understand other land. Like Olga B. I prefer to hope

  6. I hope there is peace but it is unlikely. This conflict goes back all the way to 1947. There are many bitter memories, which will be tough to overcomes. Furthermore, unless Israel leaves the occupied land, stops killing civilians and takes off the barricade with militia guarding it, there isn’t much to be done.

    Unfortunately, Hamas also won’t stop firing. Its intentions may be rebellious but the tactics aren’t morally right either. Firing rockets will just get more of their own citizens killed.

  7. You’re right. But I really think people can’t live permanently at war. There have been long conflicts that have found a solution when they seemed impossible to change. This one is especially complicated because of all you have said. And right now is in an awful situation. But I prefer to live with hope.

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