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Ukraine and Russia
By Olga Brajnović Posted in Europe, World and Politics on July 13, 2014 6 Comments
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The Ukrainian crisis reached today a new dangerous level of escalation. According to Russian media, early Sunday a cross border shelling hit a private home in a town called Donetsk in the southern Russian Rostov Region killing a Russian man and wounding two women. Russian authorities blamed the Ukrainian forces and said their country will give a tough response to the shelling of its territory.

Ukraine said that its army didn’t fire a shell into Russian territory and explain that t all what’s happening may be a provocation by the rebels. But the Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement said this incident will have “Irreversible” consequences and the responsibility lays in the Ukrainian side.

Russia is talking about an aggression by Ukraine. Let’s see what kind of response Moscow will give to Kiev. Diplomatic measures, sanctions or something more. It’s worth to remember that Putin, currently in Brazil to attend the final match of the Football World Cup has the Duma’s authorisation to use the force in Ukraine if necessary. Till now, Russia has avoided an intervention beyond Crimea. But this situation is new.

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  1. It seems they are thinking on launching pinpoint strikes against the sites from where the shells were allegedly fired.

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