The Ukrainian conflict has left 298 international civilian victims in one tragic instant with the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner close to the border with Russia. Now the Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Philippines, Canada and New Zealand are mourning innocent victims of the Ukrainian crisis.

Who shot? Till now all the shooting against jets in this area have come from the rebels fighting against the Ukrainian Army. And despite they are saying now they don’t have capability to launch such an attack, recently they were bragging about having in their arsenal, soviet era long-range surface-air missiles. They blame the Ukrainian Army who has more advanced weapons but denies any involvement.

Anyway the fact is that the Malaysian airliner was shot and crashed because of that and all on board died. Now an impartial investigation is a priority. But that will be not easy.

According to the Russian Itar-Tass agency, the “Defence minister” of the self-proclaimed Popular Republic of Donetsk, Igor Strelkov, said today that “there is no need for a ceasefire for an objective investigation of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing crash and stopping fighting with the Ukrainian army would be unreasonable”.

“All-out military actions continue. The site of Boeing crash is located deep on the DPR territory, and there is no need for any humanitarian truce or corridors for an objective investigation of the tragedy,” he said.

Later another official said a ceasefire would be negotiable to help the investigation. Anyway it’s a volatile situation, but a ceasefire must be reached to make possible a good and complete investigation and if the Ukrainians and pro-Russians can’t negotiate it, It’s time for the pressure of the international powers to force them. Moscow must put in act its influence over the pro-Russians in this terrible moment.

It’s of key importance to determine who shot the airliner: a hideous crime that can’t be left unpunished

One question that have to be answered is Why a commercial airliner was flying over a dangerous conflict area like the Ukrainian? Maybe until now the world has understated this conflict as an internal fighting without so much transcendence. Something between them that will not affect others. But the fighting is more fierce than it seemed. The death toll was over 700 according to official data. The so-called rebels are well armed and so is the Ukrainian army. The rebels have downed several Ukrainian aircrafts lately. The place was not safe.

Well. now, it’s sure nobody will underestimate what’s happening in Ukraine. It has reached a whole new dimension.

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  1. Horrible tragedy, and always so many questions. Thank you for providing a good overview of how it is as of right now.

  2. You’re right. So many questions! Now Is time for the investigation in search for answers. But answers are so difficult to obtain in tragedies like this one!

  3. So many questions, and we do need answers.

  4. We do. Let’s see what happens with the international investigation. The experts have to work in a war zone controlled by the rebels and without a ceasefire it will be hard. There have been reports that the militias have limited the movements of the OSCE observers and also that they have already moved some bodies. So the evidences have been altered. A bad situation after such a horrific tragedy ( or terrible crime )

  5. Oh, my. Ugly events get uglier. I am glad I’m not an investigator!

  6. Imagine the responsibility

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