Scotland voted against the independence for a margin of a 10%. According to the last results, 55% of the voters said no to Independence and 45% said yes.

Nearly 30 percent of all children with disabilities in Russia live in state orphanages where they may face violence and neglect. Russia should stop abuse of children with disabilities in state care, and make it a priority to provide support for children with disabilities to live with their families or in other family settings, rather than in institutions, said Human rights Watch in a press release.

US begins expanded campaign against ISIL  – Jets hit ISIL fighters south of Baghdad – Al Jazeera.

Russian President Putin recalled in a speech that Russia have allocated more than 613,6 billion dollars for the armament programme for 2011-2021, nine times the sum allocated for the previous period that was 67 billion. He also announced that the Military Industrial Commission will now answer directly to him.

US President Barack Obama announced a campaign of airstrikes in Iraq and Syria to “degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL”. He contemplates helping the opposition groups fighting in Syria against the ISIL fighters but not to the Syrian regime that also fights the extremists, because he thinks Al Assad has lost his legitimacy.

The preliminary report about the crash of the Malaysia Airlines plane over Eastern Ukraine says that “the damage observed on the forward fuselage and cockpit section of the aircraft appears to indicate that there were impacts from a large number of high-energy objects from outside the aircraft”.

Islamic State ‘beheads second US journalist’ – Group releases video of Steven Sotloff’s death, threatens to kill another captive, David Cawthorne Haines, a Briton – Al Jazeera