Russian President Putin recalled in a speech that Russia have allocated more than 613,6 billion dollars for the armament programme for 2011-2021, nine times the sum allocated for the previous period that  was  67 billion. He also announced that the Military Industrial Commission will now answer directly to him.

It is only logical that we should be concentrating resources in this way. We are doing this in order to re-equip and modernise the armed forces and the defence industry in a rapid timeframe. As for why we are doing this on such a tight schedule, as I have said many times before, this is not about any kind of arms race, but is simply because our basic defence and attack systems have come to or are coming to the end of their service lives. And if we’re going to replace them, of course it makes sense to replace them with modern systems that we will be able to use for a long time yet.

In the same speech, at the beginning of a meeting on drafting the 2016-2025 State Armament Programme, Putin spoke about the “potential threats” he sees to the Russian security. According to the Russian president:

Many new threats are emerging. Just recently, as you know, the decision was taken to beef up NATO forces in Eastern Europe. As you know, the United States unilaterally withdrew from the ABM Treaty a few years ago and is now busy building a missile defence system. We have not seen any progress in the negotiations in this area so far. What’s more, they are building missile defence systems in Europe and in Alaska, in other words, close to our borders. They are working on the theory of the so-called prompt global strike, and there are other things that are cause for concern too.

He made a reference to the Ukrainian crisis blaming the Western powers:

The crisis in Ukraine, which was provoked and masterminded by some of our Western partners in the first place, is now being used to revive NATO. We clearly need to take all of this into consideration in planning and deciding how to guarantee our country’s security.

Putin thinks he needs to take countermeasures in order to guarantee the Russia’s security.

I am talking here above all about developing a rational range of attack systems, including a nuclear deterrent with guaranteed capability, modernised strategic and long-range aviation, and continued work on developing an aerospace defence system.

Next, over these coming years we must achieve breakthrough development of all components of high-precision weapons, develop unified models of general use weapons and equipment, and provide the Navy with new ships that are universal with regard to weapons, command and communications systems.

Second, regarding the programme’s financing, we already noted that we must proceed from macroeconomic development forecasts. As I just said, it may appear at times that someone wants to launch a new arms race. Of course, we will not let ourselves be drawn into an arms race. This is something we rule out completely. We will base ourselves on the real development forecasts.


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  1. In other words, watch out world (ahem, specifically US) don’t mess with me. Well, so far, his arguments are legit and logical. One cannot fault them. So long as Putin does not misuse his power later on, like Israel, and oppress the people of Ukraine. My best wishes to human kind. The crooked ways and arguments posed to acquire and justify gaining power remains to be astounding.

  2. I agree.Human kind don’t need more weapons. There are too many. Putin says he’s not going to enter another arms race but this resembles too much to a competence to see who have more weapons.

  3. Precisely. And the US will blame Putin of having more weapons than it (if that indeed is the case) in order to launch an attack. Plausible or not, the main motive would be to stay the mightiest power in the world. This cycles just gets repetitive and predictable.

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