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Forced evacuations in Egypt
By Olga Brajnović Posted in Middle East, World and Politics on October 29, 2014 One Comment
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Egyptian authorities are evacuating all residents living in the borderline of Gaza to demolish their homes and create a buffer zone after an attack against an army post that killed 31 soldiers last Friday.

The North Sinai Governor Abdel Fattah Harhour confirmed that the evacuation of residents is “final, not temporary” and will be followed by demolition of all housing facilities in an area that is home to 1,156 families living in 802 houses. He said that residents will be compensated financially.

He said also that the buffer zone would “protect Egypt from terrorist dangers,” The Egyptian authorities have also indefinitely closed the Gaza border, the only non Israeli crossing the inhabitants of Gaza have to exit the strip.

Buffer zone Egypt Evacuations Gaza Sinai

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