January 8, 2015

Blood in Paris

The horrific attack on Charlie Hebdo, with at least two terrorists storming into a meeting of the cartoonists and journalists to killing them cold-blooded after calling some of them by their names, has terrified France and started a wave of protests and demonstrations in solidarity with the satiric magazine, and in defense of the freedom of speech.

The slight police protection that the weekly magazine had, was not enough to stop the Jihadists, who coldly finished off a wounded policeman who was a muslim like them.

At least 9 members of the Charlie Hebdo newsroom are now dead along with three police members. The webpage of the magazine instead of showing its last issue, Shows a black page with the words “I’m Charlie Hebdo” in different languages. The same signs that the demonstrators have carried around France and other European cities in protest for what was considered a direct attack against freedom of speech.

Charlie Hebdo has been known for its harsh satiric cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad. The cartoonists also ridiculed other religions, like Catholics and Jews. Pope Francis condemned the attack, prayed for the victims and said that homicidal violence is abominable and never justifiable.

Today I mourn my colleagues killed. They knew the danger of what they were doing with their cartoons satirizing the Islamists, the jihad, the IS and the same Muhammad. After many threats, its main editor said that he preferred to die than to live on his knees. But I guess he never imagined a carnage like yesterday’s. Now he and eight of his staff members are dead along with three other people because of a brutal attack by extremists who live in a free country with freedom of speech, but only know the language of violence and death.

The terrorists wanted to hit France and have found in Charlie Hebdo an easy target that would amplified its impact because it’s a controversial and very known media outlet. Death, terror, blood, a hit against the press and lots of public impact. What more could they want?

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  1. It is really sad when violence is thought be the answer.

  2. I can’t say how much I admire these people for there courage…I saddens me so much that they had to die for freedom, but freedom is never free.

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    I am so sadden that these courageous journalist had to die for freedom, but freedom is not free.

  4. True. when violence reigns there is no space for reason.

  5. Its sad that now-a-days only violence is the answer for smallest of the things to the biggest ones. More of hatred and less of forgiveness, where are we leading?
    No religion preaches bleeding, its us who are blinded by walls that never were built.. Leave god for assessing and punishing, lets be humans..

  6. it’s really sad when violence overtakes everything

  7. thanks

  8. there must be an answer….

  9. Let’s have hope. Violence has been present constantly in human history and somehow humanity has survived. Its true that nowadays terror and wars seem to fill almost everything, but there are also a lot of people working quietly for peace.

  10. Above all don’t enter in their game. Work for peace and justice and let the police do their job.

  11. I assure you I will not be “entering” into the game of thugs.

  12. at the end of the day….hopes save our smiles 🙂
    yes.. i agree with you..

  13. I’m sorry. The first sentence of my comment was a mistake. It belonged to another recipient. I thought I had had deleted before publishing it. But obviously was not the case. I’m sorry again

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