January 30, 2015

Greece and Spain

// Syriza’s Victory in Greece has been followed with attention in Spain, where a new leftist party “Podemos” (we can) is willing to emulate what their greek colleagues just did, taking advantage of the tiredness of the people mostly because of the corruption in politics.

Podemos is not Syriza and Spain is not Greece. Spain it’s more important for the EU, with more political, economical and demographical weight. The economic situation in Spain is better than the one in Greece. The country is recovering from the crisis, but the unemployment is high. According to the OECD “Structural reforms (labour market, banking, fiscal) have put the economy on the road to recovery” and “reforms have improved labour market performance even though unemployment rate is still too high”. Exactly at 24.5%. The austerity policy, very unpopular, has began to show some results and this year for the first time the confidence of the consumers has grown. The anti-Europeism is not so strong as it is in Greece. And there is not a nationalistic sentiment that unifies all Spaniards against Europe, but divisive nationalistic parties like the ones in Catalonia and the Bask Country, seeking Independence from Spain. So, the main factor that unite the followers of Podemos is the anger because of the corruption and the unlawful enrichment of politicians and bankers while the population had to endure the dire consequences of the crisis in their quotidian life.

Podemos has almost a year to get ready for general elections. For now it’s a big interrogation. They have a brief program in their website made of general ideas, with only a few specific measures and a lot of promises, but they don’t explain how to put them in practice. They have no experience of government. They only had one experience with the polls and it was very succesful: they won 5 seats in the euro-parliament. A start as the forth political force of the Country. They aspire to continue growing, as the polls are suggesting, surpass the Socialist Party, now the second force, and get chances to take the government.

Before the general elections at the end of this year, there will be autonomic elections in Andalusia and Catalonia. If Podemos concurs it will be an opportunity to see if the polls of intention of vote are accurate and the advance of Podemos is so powerful as predicted.

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  1. Very interesting analysis! Suggestion: publish this article in a Spanish newspaper.
    Elisabeth Reinhardt

  2. Thank you, Elisabeth. I’ll follow your suggestion

  3. Interesting post. PODEMOS will end Spanish bipartisanship system according to recent polls. I don’t know if they will win with absolute majority but already SPAIN has changed its political system

  4. Podemos has changed completely the political map. In the last polls published by the newspaper El Pais, the new party got 28.2%. The Socialist Party got 23.5% and the Popular Party 19.2%. There is a long way from now to the electoral day, but with the result of this latest polls the future seems to look towards coalitions or a government in minority which would be unstable. In any case nothing similar to what we had till now.

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