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Beheading of 21 Christians
By Olga Brajnović Posted in Middle East, World and Politics on February 16, 2015 6 Comments
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The beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians by Islamic State (ISIL) in Libya has been a step further in the run of cruelty of the extremists against the world.

Those 21 men were killed because they were Christians . They were migrant workers who were kidnapped in two separated attacks in the city of Sirte last December and January.

They died because of their faith. No one should die because of their religion or their ideas in this world, but it happens too often nowadays.

Extremism is an aberration that corrupts everything and instrumentalizes religion to use it as an excuse to spread hate, humiliate, steal freedoms, and kill.

Actions like the mass beheading of the Egyptians are a clear and terrible example. They freedom was stolen when they were kidnapped, they were humiliated, killed in cold blood, and with that, their killers spread more hate over the Middle East.

Some say the world would be better without religions. I don’t think so. I’m a Christian. Christianity has a lot to do with the building of the Western civilization, the system of values, and human rights.

I’m not against Islam. How could I be? My religion teach me that we are all children of God and must love each other. And i try to live according to that teaching. I have talked with some muslims and they had words of peace.

The problem is not religion, the problem is the extremism that in a political perspective is in this case a terrorists force that instrumentalizes religion and in a religious perspective is a blasphemy because uses the name of God for an evil purpose.

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  1. “Extremism is an aberration” — too often we forget this. It’s made us icky, morbid people that the media has the power to focus us on the aberration. Both Christianity and Islam emerged from the same root and that root is love thy neighbor and the giving of peace. This is, again, very sad.

  2. Very sad indeed. These extremists are successful in their spread of hate and terror. The problem is how to fight them?

  3. That is the problem. I’ve shared your blog with a former student, an Iraqi girl of great promise, who has the same questions. It’s really heart breaking.

  4. It ‘s a big problem, and it’s causing great suffering to many people. As you said, very sad and complicated.

  5. Thank you for these clear words. I am also a Christian and I think that as followers of Jesus Christ, our love has also to be heroic. Because of justice we have to denounce these terrible crimes and work in order to spred peace and eliminate this worst sort of crime, but because of christian love we also ought to pray for the conversion of the terrorists. Is this too much? No, if we look at a Crucifix, because He did it.

    Elisabeth Reinhardt

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