Kenya has suffered another massacre at the hands of the jihadists of Al Shabab. This time  against an University in Garissa with at least 147 killed and 79 wounded. The worst attack since the bombing against the US embassy in 1998 carried by Al Qaeda. After a siege that lasted for 15 hours six gunmen killed mostly christian students according to the news reports.

Al Shabab is a Somalian group with ties to Al Qaeda who recently received an invitation by ISIL to join forces with them and attack inside Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia, according to Al Jazeera. The same source says that the organisation is divided between stay with Al Qaeda or switch loyalties with the now stronger ISIL that wants to have an upper hand in Africa.

But the main and ominous fact is that the indiscriminate massacres against innocent and helpless people by jihadists are proliferating in the Middle East and Africa where these groups have their headquarters and feel strong. And there is always the danger of the “lone wolves” ready to attack everywhere. Thousands of muslims and christians have been killed by these  groups over the last years and their particular war is not showing traces to end. They want to control territories and impose a strict, radical, particular interpretation of the sharia, which means abolish civil and human rights and liberties. They simply want to impose a harsh dictatorship with the excuse of religion, and eliminate all possible opposition and difference. All that through incredibly cruel violence.

The International Community has taken vigorous action against probable and questionable threats before. This is a certain threat, but there is not a clear answer. Is it fear? Is it lack of strategy answers to a global threat that nobody knows how is going to develop? ISIL has been unmolested for too long to extend its tentacles and gain force rapidly over Iraq and Syria, and sum allies in other countries. It’s time to try to stop them.




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