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Tragedy in the Mediterranean
By Olga Brajnović Posted in Africa, Europe, Middle East, World and Politics on April 22, 2015 0 Comments
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My father wrote years ago a book titled Glory and tragedy of the Mediterranean remembering the past and present of the cultures, countries and Peoples who have developed and lived around its shores. We are witnessing one of its worst tragedies these days with the massive deaths of immigrants trying to gain the shores of Europe from North Africa, and the massive arrivals of illegal immigrants in old boats shipped by human traffickers who are making a lot of money and have a safe haven in Libya.

A big crisis that the countries more affected like Italy, Malta and Spain cannot assume by themselves. Italy, by far the most affected country has made an appeal to the rest of the EU countries to help in this humanitarian crisis. There are countries that think that more help in the rescue operations would have a call effect on the immigrants and are reluctant. But the rescue at sea is a must. With an estimate of 1,500 victims so far, this year can be the deadliest in history.

Tomorrow the heads of government of the EU will discuss this crisis in an emergency session. Till this moment, a comprehensive policy about this problem is being delayed, knowing that every spring and summer the flow of immigrants who attempt to cross the Mediterranean is growing and the nets of human smugglers are operating more freely. And while EU politicians have endless discussions, hundreds die at sea, and Italy is overwhelmed with thousands of illegal immigrants  arriving to its shores exhausted and needy. Now the glory of the Mediterranean is exclusively on the past. We are in time of tragedy.

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