Hong Kong lawmakers rejected the electoral reform backed by Beijing in a vote early today. The pro democracy lawmakers who voted against the proposal wanted open elections for the ruler of the City, but China offered only a vote among a few candidates pre-screened by a committee controlled by the Party. Beijing reacted saying that after the today’s vote, there will be no elections in the future. They will keep the current system of a designation of the Chief Executive by a 1,200 members committee.

Today, before the vote, pro Beijing lawmakers staged a walk out of the legislative camera, and they didn’t participate in the vote. But there was a sufficient quorum, so the proposal was rejected by the pro democracy camp with only 8 votes for the reform proposed. The pro democracy lawmakers said the outcome of the vote was a victory for the democracy. But the consequences can be demolishing for their goals.

According to an editorial in the Global Times, that publishes the opinion of Beijing, by rejecting the electoral reform, the pro democracy groups must accept to continue with the current system. They talk about a lost opportunity as if it was the last. They warn the opposition: “If they don’t stop but organize more drastic street demonstrations, they will push Hong Kong to a dead-end and mean a life and death struggle with the Basic Law. In that case, Hong Kong will face dismal prospects.”

“We are concerned – they add – that a Pandora box is being opened in Hong Kong and various devils are released to ruin the region’s future. People who love Hong Kong should work to keep the box tightly closed so that Hong Kong won’t degenerate from the capital of finance and fashion to a total mess.”


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