November 14, 2015

Mourning for Paris

Paris has been under a coordinated terrorist attack that ended in a massacre. When I’m writing this post the authorities are talking about 128 killed and 200 wounded in five different points of the capital. Eight terrorists have died, seven of them after detonate their explosive belts among the crowd. It’s not known how many are still at large. So the situation is open. The specifics will be more accurate in the news agency updates along the day. I’m not trying to giving the information about what have happened, but to comment briefly.

I have difficulty to find the proper words. The terrorists have created chaos, fear, incredible pain, and destruction on lives among ordinary people who were having fun as is common in the beginning of the occidental weekend. A concert, a dinner, a football match have become scenes of panic and death. The terrorists want to disrupt the normal way of life in Occident and spread fear among the people. In France after yesterday’s attacks the schools are closed till further notice and there are other restrictive measures put in place. The borders have been also closed to prevent the suspected terrorists from leave the country.

President Hollande has said that this has been an attack perpetrated by the Islamic State with inside fighters, but organised abroad. He must have information to say that. What is evident is that Europe, and France in particular, has the problem of the inside “dormant” fighters, who can act whenever they are called to action. By whom and how?

I guess all the conversations for antiterrorism coordination among the countries affected are trying to cut the communication between the fighters and their bosses.

Is this the price paid for the international action against the ISIS? If so, many countries among them the UK and the US are in high danger. Maybe France is particularly vulnerable nowadays.

Anyway, today is a day of mourning and unity. Let’s see if the occidental countries can reach an effective unity further than simple words .

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