Egyptians vote in constitutional referendum. First ballot since military overthrew President Morsi Likely to spawn presidential bid of General al-Sisi – Al Jazeera.

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General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has said he will no longer “restrain” his forces from confronting “attackers who want to destroy Egypt”. He is acting with an iron fist because he knows the US military aid isn’t yet in danger because of the strategic relevance his army has for Israel’s security.

The Muslim Brotherhood kept its promise to hold protests in a “Friday of Rage” and the Egyptian authorities answered opening live fire against the protesters with the result of another bloodshed. There were also clashes between pro-government civilians and so-called anti-coup protesters.

Egypt interim presidency said on Wednesday that diplomatic efforts to solve the crisis are over and blamed the Muslim Brotherhood for the failure and “what may be the consequences”.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said the military “were restoring democracy” in Egypt when they ousted elected president Mohamed Morsi. This way the US backed clearly for the first time the move of general El Sisi after mass demonstrations against the toppled president.

It was easy to predict. After the call by general Abdel Fattah el Sisi for a mass demonstrations on Friday to give him an “order” to “Confront” what he called “terrorism”, violence followed with the result of dozens of dead people among the pro-Morsi protesters. Muslim Brotherhood sources put the death toll in at least […]