At least 53 people were killed during demonstrations of the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 40th anniversary of Egypt’s war with Israel in Cairo and across the country on Sunday, a health ministry official said.

Egypt’s interim president called in his meeting with journalists on Wednesday for “a media code of ethics that guarantees press freedom and professionalism” and said he aspires for “press that puts national interest on top.”

The Muslim Brotherhood kept its promise to hold protests in a “Friday of Rage” and the Egyptian authorities answered opening live fire against the protesters with the result of another bloodshed. There were also clashes between pro-government civilians and so-called anti-coup protesters.

The news from Egypt are confusing. The president appointed by the military Adly Mansour said he will offer cabinet posts to the Muslim Brotherhood Freedom and Justice Party and the Al Nour party, but then the prosecutor ordered the arrest of the leader of the Brotherhood Mohamed Badie and other leaders on charge of inciting […]