A few days after the agreement between Russia and the US to hold an international conference of peace about Syria with the participation of all the sides, the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov confirmed that Russia still sending weaponry to Al Assad regime.  “Russia is not planning to sell, Russia has sold a long time […]

The Israelis bombed some military and scientific Syrian targets near Damascus. At least they don’t deny it, and knowing the history of incursions in Syrian air space it is easy to believe. The attack comes three days after another one against – they said – a shipment of surface-to-surface missiles from Iran for Hezbollah. The […]

New Syrian government air and missile strikes are causing high civilian casualties in opposition-controlled areas of Aleppo in violation of the laws of war, Human Rights Watch said. A Human Rights Watch team in northern Aleppo province has investigated recent attacks that killed scores of civilians and destroyed dozens of civilian homes without damaging any apparent opposition military targets, according to […]

After more than two years of war according to the UN Refugee Agency there are 1,221,491 Syrian refugees in the region and counting…. Of them 963,415 are registered and 258,076 awaiting registration. according to the UNHCR, the country more loaded of refugees is Lebanon, with 396,931 refugees, followed by Jordan with 385,545. Then appears Turkey […]

The situation in Syria is deteriorating as logic dictates after a year of violence without any known control. The last reports published in the international media talk about what looks a chaotic civil war with neighbor against neighbor, religious sect against religious sect, and the government with the Army against most of them. The problem […]

The New York Times reported today that there have been already over 5000 dead since the protests began in Syria. Over 5,000 dead? This is a war, not an uprising or a revolt or a “spring” anymore. I think that until the regime don’t allow foreign Journalists in the Country, there will be no way […]

How sad. Obama in Europe and Netanyahu in the Hill collecting standing ovations to his vision of the future of Israel and the Palestinians. A powerful Israeli State (its OK) with a military control over the Palestinian territory and above all the Jordan river and all the Jordan Valley (more of the same, nothing changes). […]