A year ago I wrote from my city Pamplona, Spain just at the end of the “fiesta” of San Fermin, worldly known because of the running of the bulls described by Ernst Hemingway long ago, an entry about how I though the bulls of the economic crisis the “Arab Spring” and all the other African […]

I couldn’t help but smile ironically to don’t cry while reading an analysis about the situation in the Middle East in a very important World Media in which I found a concern about the popularity of some “extremist” candidate to the presidency of Egypt in opposition to the more “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood‘s backed candidate Khairat Al-Shater, from […]

So many foreign and local journalists dead or trapped or silenced in Syria is not a question to let it past without a deep look at it. Because meanwhile we, outside the borders, are blind. Long ago the powerful discovered that an ignorant people is the best thing to have to manipulate, crushed, and tyrannize without too […]

It’s over. The “Fiesta” is gone. After a week of madness, Pamplona, Spain, is again a quiet peaceful city. This year the bulls have been fairly good with the runners, “only” for or five wounded by horns, with blood and all that, but not too seriously, and many others stepped on by the animals or […]

American Soldiers landing in the French coast ofNormandy June 6 1944 (Associated Press) Europe is suffering for 66 years from an acute case of Normandy syndrome, that has worsened with time and is now a chronic illness never treated with no wanted treatment, because it has some pleasant symptoms for most of the sufferers who […]

The sacrifice of Manal al Sharif, the woman who spent 10 days in prison for driving openly in Saudi Arabia, an activity banned for women, and publishing her doing in a video wasn’t fruitless. I commented her action and her reasons to do it in a post almost three weeks ago, and hopped that what […]