Death penalty 2013: Small number of countries trigger global spike in executions | Amnesty International.

The EU has criticised the new Turkey’s legislation approved by the parliament that tightens the controls over the use of the Internet. The new bill would allow the authorities to block web sites without court order if their content is considered offensive or insulting. The Internet providers would be forced to give users data to the authorities, again without court order, and without notifying the users affected.

Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou has been finned with $1.23 million for violating the one child policy. He has three children: two boys and a girl. a Chinese official on Friday justified the fine imposed for violating family planning rules as legal.

Reporters Without Borders informs that 75 journalists were killed in 2013 because of their work, also 4 media assistants and 37 netizens and citizen-journalists were killed in the same period, most of them in Syria.

Iran and six world powers reached a deal on Tehran’s Uranium enrichment program. Obama praised the agreement as a first step that “achieves a great deal” in a peaceful way through diplomacy. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considers the deal “a historic mistake” that endangers his country.

I was asked by the daily prompt to pick a person to honour today. Since October 16th is actually Blog Action Day so I’ll pick the Unknown Blogger for the Person of the Day and honour all the bloggers who risk their safety to tell us their stories or exercise their freedom of speech.

The UN Security Council has voted unanimously a resolution to secure and destroy Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile. If Syria doesn’t comply would bring about “sanctions or stronger coercive action”.