I just arrive from school. There is a good smell from the kitchen where my mother is fixing dinner mixed with a  tobacco smell from my father’s room where he is typing furiously in his typewriter the column for tomorrow’s newspaper about international news immersed in a cloud of smoke. Some static sounds emerge from […]

  I’m glad the UN approved the Arms Trade Treaty for a vast majority, with the only opposition of Iran Syria and North Korea and absences of countries like China, Cuba or Venezuela. I know this Treaties are difficult to control and now this one need to be ratified for the countries before it enters in […]

I have a friend who is walking from Santiago, Spain to Jerusalem in behalf of an association of families with people ill of Alzheimer who is already in Croatia after doing almost 1,900 miles. One of is friends advised him in is blog to be careful, entering the Balkans, “land of tribal fights” “Religion fundamentalism”, […]

I was so distracted with Syria, Egypt, the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, that I did in’t pay attention in my blog to a problem in my back yard: the victory in the Serbian’s elections of Tomislav Nikolić, the ultranationalist opossitor of the more moderate incumbent Boris Tadić. Nikolić was active during the Balkans war, friend with […]

This is an unusual entry in this blog. No politics, no big problems, no ethical questions, only a look to something beautiful, powerful and unique: Mediterranean sea ice in the city of Senj (Croatia), the home town of my mother. This picture shows how it looks the harbour  this weekend. It’s the result of a strange combination […]

Finally the Croatians said yes to de European Union. It was as I predicted yesterday a low participation and a positive outcome for the government. It was a vote for the future, no doubt, because the present of the Union is not very attractive in the middle  of the economic crisis and the dis-union between […]

Sunday 22, Croatians have a referenda to corroborate or not the governmental decision to enter the EU. If this had been 20 years ago, when Croatia was proclaimed independent the result would be without doubt: yes, yes, as soon as better, because there was, (and there is) a very strong perception and a long history that situate […]