An estimated 240,000 Syrian remain trapped in areas under siege resulting in severe hardship, suffering and deaths of civilians, in clear breach of the obligations under international human rights and humanitarian laws, the United Nations today reported. The analysis, based on information collected between April 2013 and 20 January of this year by the Office […]

Satellite imagery, witness statements, and video and photographic evidence show that Syrian authorities deliberately and unlawfully demolished thousands of residential buildings in Damascus and Hama in 2012 and 2013, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

The United Nations team probing the use of chemical weapons in Syria, which in September found “clear and convincing evidence” of Sarin gas attacks against civilians, including children, in the Damascus area, today reported “credible information” that such weapons were used in other parts of the country, the UN news services informs.

Syrian government and some opposition forces are preventing the delivery of humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands of civilians in areas under siege in Syria, Human Rights Watch denounces.

As the regular army intensifies its attacks on Aleppo, it is targeting Syrian media and news providers with one journalist killed and two media destroyed by shelling. At the same time, Reporters Without Borders has noted a marked increased in abductions of Syrian news providers by armed groups since the start of November.

The United Nations humanitarian chief Valerie Amos told the UN Security Council that around 9.3 million people in Syria or about 40% of the population need humanitarian aid. That means 2 million more people in need than in September.

The Joint Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons – United Nations Mission confirmed today that the government of the Syrian Arab Republic has completed the functional destruction of critical equipment for all of its declared chemical weapons production facilities and mixing/filling plants, rendering them inoperable.