The Catholic Church prepares a Synod on pastoral challenges for the family. The Vatican presented a document with a questionary explaining that the preparation “begins with a consultation between the various entities to be surveyed on the theme in question”. You can read the document here.

The pilgrimage of families to Rome as part of the Year of Faith concluded on Sunday with the Holy Mass celebrated by Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square, which was crowded with participants as were Via della Conciliazione and the adjacent streets. Up to 150,000 people. The Pope challenged Christian families to pray together even when life is a race against time and called for “a patient love”.

Due to a serious illness in my family I’m not able to update my blog as often as I was doing till now. I’m determined to keep this blog alive, but now my priority is taking care of my Mom so my comments will be fewer. I hope you’ll understand and I’ll hope you’ll still be […]

I didn’t post anything this days, as you could see. I would liked it because there are a lot of interesting subjects, but I’m this days devoted taking care of my mother, Ana, suddenly seriously ill. Thank’s God, she’s recovering nicely, but she is taking all my time. See how beautiful looks at her 90s! […]

God has to “need” a big reserve of pure human innocence in Heaven to fight human evil on earth. Otherwise I find hard to understand when children pass away. My nephew Ivo and his wife were expecting a child, their fifth, with love and joy, and the little thing died unexpectedly inside his mom’s womb. […]