The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is back to its worst days, with the Israeli army on the verge to a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip after nights of aerial bombings that have caused at least 75 deaths and Hamas launching rockets against Israeli territory from Gaza.

General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has said he will no longer “restrain” his forces from confronting “attackers who want to destroy Egypt”. He is acting with an iron fist because he knows the US military aid isn’t yet in danger because of the strategic relevance his army has for Israel’s security.

I reblog an entry from Shahd Abusalama from Gaza written on her birthday because she expressed her wishes and dreams of freedom peacefully and because I just read  the same day a note about a Report from the UN that warned that the Palestinian strip where she is dwelling (and trapped) will not livable by […]

Ten Years ago, the World was watching how the people who searched sanctuary in the Bethlehem basilica and found themselves trapped there with the religious, nuns and friars who refused to leave for weeks in solidarity and to fulfill their mission of take care of the Christian Holy Sites in Israel and Palestine,  began to […]

Obama didn’t change his speech about the Middle East and about the two states solution based in the 1967 borders for Israel an Palestine, not in front of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, neither facing the influential AIPAC ( American Israel Public Affairs Committee ). Prime Minister Netanyahu also said what was expected: no way […]