Despite dangerous sea conditions, the United Nations refugee agency today reported that the number of refugees and migrants arriving on Lesvos continues to be high, at an average of 3,300 people per day so far in November.

Syriza’s Victory in Greece has been followed with attention in Spain, where a new leftist party “Podemos” (we can) is willing to emulate what their greek colleagues just did, taking advantage of the tiredness of the people mostly because of the corruption in politics.

The United Kingdom Government announced earlier this week they will not support any future search and rescue operations to prevent migrants and refugees drowning in the Mediterranean, stating that such operations can encourage more people to attempt the dangerous sea crossing to enter Europe

In a briefing published today, Amnesty International details how European Union (EU) member states have only offered to open their doors to around 12,000 of the most vulnerable refugees from Syria: just 0.5 per cent of the 2.3 million people who have fled the country.

I live in Spain, the Country that just received a 100 Billion Euros bailout to rescue its banking system from the EU. I’m not an expert in economy, only domestic economy. So this kind of things, when people began to talk about more than several thousands of Euros made me light-headed. The counter of my […]

I believe it’s better for the Greeks to stay in the euro area, but that also requires that we set out a path on which Greece gets back on its feet step by step   (Angela Merkel, may 14, 2012). The solidarity for the euro will end only if Greece just says, ‘We’re not keeping […]

Another European economic Summit, another waiting in this European agony without definitive solutions with some hope to calm the waters in this storm. At the beginning of the day the European Bank said that there was no way to see Greece out of the Euro. At the end of the day there were calculations of […]