When I wrote the post “Back to the worst” I couldn’t imagine the situation in Gaza would be so bloody as it has been and it continues being. In just 25 days, 1,499 Palestinians were killed, most of them civilians, and there are 7,000 wounded. The Israeli army have attacked a UN shelter, adducing that nearby there were militants launching an attack against them. So the UN blue banner is not longer a safe haven for the 200,000 internal displaced people trapped in the strip.

More than 530 Palestinians, mostly civilians, is the provisional death toll of the Israeli offensive on Gaza while Hamas rocket attacks have claimed the lives of 20 Israelis (18 soldiers and 2 civilians). There are already at least 84,000 displaced people in Gaza.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is back to its worst days, with the Israeli army on the verge to a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip after nights of aerial bombings that have caused at least 75 deaths and Hamas launching rockets against Israeli territory from Gaza.

Israel suspends talks with Palestinian Authority over Fatah-Hamas unity deal | Haaretz.

I reblog an entry from Shahd Abusalama from Gaza written on her birthday because she expressed her wishes and dreams of freedom peacefully and because I just read  the same day a note about a Report from the UN that warned that the Palestinian strip where she is dwelling (and trapped) will not livable by […]

So Egypt is calling its ambassador from Israel after the last Israeli “reaction” to the terrorist attack to a car an a bus in South Israel near the border with Egypt that had cost the lives to six civilians and two security forces. The reaction was a retaliation in two directions: five Egyptians security forces are […]

Some Palestinians in Gaza are going to have “maybe” soon a house five years after their old one was destroyed by an israeli bombing if finally the UN keep it’s promise and began the constructions with the permission of the Israeli Government who control the entry of the materials though the check points, a thing […]