“You see, the new things of God are not like the novelties of this world, all of which are temporary; they come and go, and we keep looking for more. The new things which God gives to our lives are lasting, not only in the future, when we will be with him, but today as […]

The new Pope said today to the Journalists gathered in the Aula Paulus VI, who difficult is to report about the Church if you see it in terms of “politics”. This is why, I think, all the so-called experts in Vatican affairs who worked with lists of candidates to the papacy failed with their predictions […]

We have a new Pope in the Roman Catholic Church, Francis the first. The first American (from Argentina), the first Jesuit, the first with the name Francis, the first in my life who made us pray for him in silence and for his predecessor in loud voice in his firsts remarks to the crowd. It […]