An estimated 240,000 Syrian remain trapped in areas under siege resulting in severe hardship, suffering and deaths of civilians, in clear breach of the obligations under international human rights and humanitarian laws, the United Nations today reported. The analysis, based on information collected between April 2013 and 20 January of this year by the Office […]

UN agencies said 1,151 people have so far been evacuated from Homs Old City, reporting starvation conditions, with the UN human rights office voicing deep concern at the detention by the Syrian authorities of 336 men and boys and warning that torture and mistreatment is a war crime, the UN news services informs.

It was the big agreement in the last international talks of peace on Syria. A temporal truce in Homs to allow the besieged civilians, women and children, could leave and go to safer areas. But the agreement proved to be as difficult as the talks themselves.

Syrian government and some opposition forces are preventing the delivery of humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands of civilians in areas under siege in Syria, Human Rights Watch denounces.

Frustrated by the dire plight of civilians in Syria, the United Nations humanitarian chief reiterated her call for an end to the fighting, access for aid workers, and respect for international human rights and humanitarian law.

Historically the olympic spirit made the countries at war to sustain truces during the games, but now the Olympics  are just a Public Opinion distractions from the wars of the world to the sports, and a perfect opportunity to the powerful to do and undo whatever they want getting unnoticed or at least less noticed […]

According to Al Jazeera, activist in Syria have posted a video online that they claim could potentially be evidence that the Syrian government is using chemical weapons in residential areas. The video, informs Al Jazeera,  shows a yellowish/orange smoke emanating during the shelling of a neighbourhood in Homs. The regime of Bashar Al Assad said many times […]