We are witnessing one of the worst tragedies of the Mediterranean these days, with the massive deaths of immigrants trying to gain the shores of Europe from North Africa, and the massive arrivals of illegal immigrants in old boats shipped by human traffickers who are making a lot of money and have a safe haven in Libya.

Over 29 million people are living in slavery in the world today, says the Walk Free Foundation. Most of them in India (14 million) and China (2.9 Million). But Countries of the first world like the US or the UK are not free of modern forms of slavery above all affecting to foreign citizens forced into sex work, domestic servitude or coerced criminality.

The Lampedusa tragedy with 194 African migrants confirmed dead and at least 150 more missing feared dead, many trapped in the wreckage of the stricken boat 47 meters below the surface is overwhelming.

Recently, President Obama was criticized in Spain because of his words about the example of harmony in coexistence during the Caliphate of Al-Andalus and the horrors of the Inquisition not knowing apparently that this last events of the inquisition happened centuries after the rule of the “mores”. There are a lot of spaniards who have […]