Syrian president Bashar Al Assad said to the French daily Le Figaro that “there is a risk of regional war” after the first strike on his Country.

War or more war. These are the options for the Syrians right now. Nobody with power to do so is offering peace. They have a horrible war going on and an international community divided between two options: a military intervention or do nothing and let the war go on and on.

“Any attack on Syria would burn down Israel,” said Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi, chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces. Syria’s Prime Minister Wael Al-Halqi also warned that any Western military intervention would turn Syria into “a graveyard of any invader,”. Asked in New York whether Syria would strike Israel in retaliation for any attack, […]

Netanyahu: Israel will enter peace talks honestly, wont give up security demands – Diplomacy & Defense – Israel News | Haaretz. Summary: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that he intended to embark on negotiations with the Palestinians honestly, but assured ministers at the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem that he would stand his ground on Israel’s […]

Benjamin Netanyahu said las Sunday to the CBS that he “won’t wait until it’s too late” to attack Iran to curb it from getting the nuclear bomb. He said Iran is “closer and closer” to have the bomb and explained that his country is too close to Iran. He insisted that Iran is the biggest […]

Iran “closer and closer to the bomb,” Netanyahu says – CBS News. Summary: (CBS News) Iran is getting “closer and closer to the bomb,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday on “Face the Nation,” and in deciding whether to wage an attack on the nation aggressively pursuing nuclear capabilities, he added, “I won’t wait until […]

Syrian opposition to boycott Geneva talks – Middle East – Al Jazeera English. Summary: Syria’s opposition will not participate in proposed international peace talks in Geneva next month, its leader has said. “The National Coalition will not take part in any international conference or any such efforts so long as the militias of Iran and […]