Pope Francis has summarised in his message for Easter the conflicts and the problems of today’s World. He asked Christians to pray for those situations but also to act: never “succumb to the pride which fuels violence and war but to have the humble courage of pardon and peace”. He also asked to them “to live in service to one another, not to be arrogant, but rather respectful and ready to help.”

The beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians by Islamic State (ISIL) in Libya has been a step further in the run of cruelty of the extremists against the world. Those 21 men were killed because they were Christians. No one should die because of their religion or their ideas in this world, but it happens too often nowadays.

The Italian navy had rescued some 6,000 people who had set out from Libya in overcrowded boats in just four days, said the UNHCR.

The US has captured in Afghanistan the second in command of the Pakistani Taliban, Latif Mehsud in a military operation.

Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan was briefly kidnapped and hours after set free by an armed group called The Libyan Revolutionary Operations Chamber, that said is acting “on the prosecutor orders”. Zeidan was “accused” of allow the United States to capture Al Qaeda suspect Abu Anas Al-Liby in Tripoli last weekend and put him under custody in an US Navy ship in the Mediterranean.

We are in the middle of the uprising of violence because of the video against the Prophet Mohammad that had spread through many muslim countries and produced violence against American  and western interests with deaths,  among them the killing of the first American ambassador fallen in duty in thirty years, Chris Stevens, in Libya, and […]

The situation in Syria is deteriorating as logic dictates after a year of violence without any known control. The last reports published in the international media talk about what looks a chaotic civil war with neighbor against neighbor, religious sect against religious sect, and the government with the Army against most of them. The problem […]