The UN Security Council has voted unanimously a resolution to secure and destroy Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile. If Syria doesn’t comply would bring about “sanctions or stronger coercive action”.

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US President Obama announced that he spoke with iranian President Rouhani to discuss the “ongoing efforts to reach an agreement over Iran’s nuclear program”. It’s the first direct contact between a US President and an Iranian counterpart since 1979.

Warning that time is running out, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on the United Nations to end Israeli settlement building on Palestinian land and thus giving a last chance for renewed peace talks to resolve the Middle East conflict within the allotted nine-month timeframe.

In the Jordan valley, the inhuman-yet-human bulldozers came at dawn – A visit to the West Bank village of Khirbet Makhoul, which was demolished on the grounds that the houses were built without permits | Haaretz.

Tell us about something you think is terribly unfair.
It’s not fair that UN Security Council members that have fought (diplomatically) and therefore delayed and blocked resolutions to try to stop the war in Syria for a long time are not giving the humanitarian aid compromised to help the people affected.

UN investigators says in their report that surface to surface rockets armed with gas sarin were used in the attack against Goutha in Syria, killing civilians among then many children. This is the conclusion of the report of the UN investigation team made public Monday. Read the full remarks of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to the Security Council about it.