From abroad and not being American despite have lived in the Country for years it is very difficult to understand the gun lobby power over there. In my last entry I quoted an editorial of the New York Times after the last vote at the Senate on the limits of selling guns after the massacre […]

The New York Times Published an impressive story about a six years old  Afghan girl who was going to be used as a payment to a debt for medical bills by her family living in a refugee camp in Kabul for a total amount  of 2,500$. She was going to be given in marriage to […]

Russian authorities are pressuring human rights groups, nongovernmental groups and non profit organizations above all the ones who have financial sources from abroad and last Monday raided the local headquarters of  Amnesty International and 19 organizations more. According to a report by the New York Times, “Pavel Chikov, a member of Russia’s presidential human rights council, […]

I read an op-ed piece by Amos Yadlin in the New York Times titled “Israel Last Chance to Strike Iran” that encouraged me in a strong opinion of mine about Israel the US and the dangers of the Middle East. Mr. Yadlin was one of the Israeli fighter pilots who bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor at […]

I read in the New York Times an Opinion piece by Paul Krugman under the tittle “Oh! What a Lovely War!” in which he argues the good that the reaction of the American people after WWII did to the Economy of the Country. Just the title made me shiver. I commented the article right the […]

How many people are in jail because they had had bad lawyers or biased prosecutors or who knows what reasons? How many criminals are in the streets or at large because of wrong convictions that stops investigations or simply because there are no way to investigate everything? . And, after reading this report by John […]

If you have read my post about Obama’s answer to Donald Trump during the Annual Dinner of the White House Correspondent Association, maybe you’ll know I found sensitive from his part to take some last and serious words to recognize the work of journalists in war zones. Some days after, when I found an article […]