The socialist Françoise Hollande won the presidency of France and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel lost her best ally in this time of economic crisis in the European Union, Nicolas Sarkozy, the first incumbent president who lost an re-election in 31 years in his Country. Until now, the front French-German was leading the policies of […]

I’m not an economist and I’m one of so many citizens who watch in wonder how stocks go up and down after the more surprising news delivered in precise times to make some people or corporations do great business or lose a lot of money to the edge of break down. I also can’t analyze […]

It seems that Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy are determined to save the Euro, no matter what. And they are proposing a sort of re-foundation of the European Union that will force the members to include in their constitutions some economic measures, like don’t trespass the 3% of deficit yearly. The Ship is sinking and […]